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Security Gamechanger

13 November 2018

Its rare in an industry as well established as the Security Screen industry that a company can release a product that changes the way we look at the industry as a whole, but here we have it....

Enclosures that open up your home - blog post image

Enclosures that open up your home

19 September 2017

It seems like a juxtaposition to suggest an enclosure could open up your home, but it is one of the most common reactions we get from our clients. Screening patio...

What NSSA means to you. - blog post image

What NSSA means to you.

28 July 2017

There are a lot of choices when it comes time to choose security screens for your home or building. Design, mesh type, a couple of hundred colours and endless brands out there. But making a ...

Did you say Winter? - blog post image

Did you say Winter?

19 July 2017

Yes this is winter in South East Queensland, the occasional dip into single figure temperatures overnight and glorious sunny winter days. While insects screens are not the first ...

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Welcome to Queensland Security Screens

10 July 2017

Queensland Security Screens are based in Brisbane, Queensland and are Prowler Proof & Freedom Security Screen dealers. Licenced and Insured we have the skills and a wide variety of products ...