ForceField® Security Doors & Screens

It's almost invisible, still it's near impossible to get past.

ForceField® security doors and window screens are welded instead of being held together by screws or rivets. A weld is stronger than any screw or rivet… and it looks better too. With its seamless corners, ForceField® is the best looking security screen on the market. The heavy duty aluminium frame and the marine grade stainless steel mesh are joined together in a mechanical and chemical bond. It is virtually unbreakable and provides complete insulation of the two metals…eliminating a major cause of corrosion. ForceField® has passed every imaginable test – and a few you would never imagine.

Door & Screen Types

insect screen single door

Single Door
A single door panel that swings on hinges mounted on the left or right side of the door jamb.

insect screen french doors

French Doors
A pair of adjoining doors that swing on hinges mounted on opposite sides of the door jamb, opening in the middle.

insect screen single sliding door

Single Sliding Door
A door that slides across an opening.

insect screen double sliding door

Double Sliding Door
A pair of adjoining doors that slide open, from the middle, to opposite sides of the door opening.

insect double stacking sliding door

Double Stacking Sliding Door
Multiple door panels that slide in one direction and stack on a fixed panel.

insect screen corner single sliding door

Corner Single Sliding Door
Corner single sliding doors opening away from the corner connection, leaving no corner post in the centre.

insect screen corner double stacking sliding door

Corner Double Stacking Sliding Door
Corner double stacking sliders have multiple door panels, on each side, that slide away from the corner connection, leaving no corner post in the centre.

insect screen sliding window

Sliding Window
A window that opens by sliding horizontally.

insect screen double sliding window

Double Sliding Window
A window that has two opening panels that slide horizontally.

insect screen single hung window

Single Hung Window
One sash in the window frame is operable and moves up and down.

insect screen double hung window

Double Hung Window
Both sashes in the window frame are operable and move up and down.

insect screen louvre window

Louvre Window
Composed of parallel blades set in a frame, joined on a track so they tilt open and shut in unison.

insect screen awning window

Awning Window
The window pane is hinged at the top and opens from the bottom, swinging upward.

insect screen casement window

Casement Window
The window pane is hinged on one side and swings outward.

Door & Screen Additions

3 point lock

3 Point Lock

single point lock

1 Point Lock

mid rail

Mid Rail

hopper hatch

Hopper Hatch

petway pet door

Petway Door

pet door

Pet Door



solid panel

Solid Panel

window cross brace

Cross Brace

window mullion


ForceField® Performance

ForceField® has passed every imaginable test... and a few you would never imagine. The standard security tests almost seem trivial compared to being hit by five steel balls less than a centimetre in diameter at 170 km/h plus. Or by a 4 kg timber block at more than 100 km/h. You are safe behind a ForceField® security screen.

security test

The Australian Standards (AS 5039-2008) test consists of six separate tests that all have to be passed by the same test sample. The tests include dynamic impact test, jemmy test, pull test, probe test, shear test and knife shear test.

cyclone test

Cyclone, and hurricane and pressure cycle testing (AS/NZS 1170 and AAMA 506-06/ASTM E1996/ASTM E1886) are the toughest tests a security screen can go through. These tests include the missile test, ballistics test, and a pressure cycle test.

bushfire test

Bushfire prone zones require that openable windows must be screened with corrosion-resistant steel, bronze or aluminium mesh with an opening of less than 2 mm x 2 mm (AS 3959-2009). The fire attenuation test (FS 4302/3572) shows the reduction in radiant heat flux level provided by the screen.

energey uv light test

Energy UV Light
Screens provide ventilation but can also keep solar heat and UV light out during summer, and reduce heat loss during winter. WERS testing and testing to the European Standard (EN 14501) show the reduction in solar heat and damaging UV light, and reduction in heat loss, provided by the screen.

corrosion test

Whenever two different metals interact there is a risk of corrosion. The tests (AS 2331.3.2 and AS 2331.3.1) to show corrosion-resistance are the acetic acid salt spray test and neutral salt spray test.

insect protection

Insect Protection
The mosquito protection test tests a screens ability to keep mosquitoes out over an extended period of time.

access control test

Access Control
Allow unassisted access for pets or people, through the addition of optional access control accessories, such as keying locks alike, pet doors for family pets and solid panels for easier wheelchair accessibility.

fall prevention test

Fall Prevention
The National Construction Code (NCC) (BCA 2013) requires that window openings be either restricted or screened, in certain circumstances, to prevent children falling. Screens that resist an outward horizontal action of 250 N meet the code and mean that window restrictors, that prevent the window being open more than 125mm, can be removed.

ForceField® Doors & Screens Gallery

Product Sheets

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