Decorative Security

Welcome to a world where security screens no longer have to be boring.

Decoview Security Screen Doors

Get in the swing of things with Decoview, hinged decorative laser cut security screen doors. You can have the latest, stylish, powder coated marine grade aluminium laser cut screen design to compliment your house and make an impression.

With a beautiful architecturally styled contoured frame and high-quality Lockwood locks and hinges, Decoview doors not only look fantastic, but they are also made to withstand break-in attacks and the worse the elements can throw at them.

Keep your property secure while looking stylish, not like a steel cage. Not only do Decoview look good, Decoview doors been made to exceed the Australian AS5039-2008 standards and independently tested for the Australian security screen door requirements.

Perforated Security Doors

Decoview Perforated Security Doors provide our highest level of security. I can see you but you can’t see me!

Imagine being able to have free-flowing air, security and privacy. Decoview perforated patterns give an extra element of privacy and security. They are our strongest doors made of a single sheet of perforated marine grade Aluminium.

Laser Cut Security Doors

Decoview laser cut security screen doors are the most incredibly beautiful and creative decorative screen doors on the planet.

You have almost endless design possibilities, which means you get so much more than just a security screen door. You have a work of art combined with the functionality and benefits of a high-security door.

Laser cut Decoview doors come in 3mm aluminium and can be made thicker if required for added strength. They have an extensive range, offering varying levels of security. We would be happy to discuss and recommend a Decoview door design to meet your particular needs.

For more information please visit or contact us today at Queensland Security Screens, we are proud to be Brisbane's number one Decoview authorised dealer.